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Young people are facing the complexities and challenges especially in Hong Kong where the political, economic and social environment is changing so rapidly; meanwhile, the youth are full of puzzles as they are constantly bombarded with various pressure, such as family problems, difficulties in study, peer group influence and temptation from the outside world. The Children and Youth Service of our Council aims to provide supportive services so that they can have all-rounded development in the domains of moral, intellectual, physical, social skills and aesthetics. Children and young people can build up their values on pride and self-respect and become a virtuous person. They should be able to analyse any issues rationally and find out solutions independently. We help children and young people understand how to get along with people, take part in the social affairs and become mature, responsible and contributing members of the society through a wide range of programmes.



Family is a fundamental unit of the society, and it satisfies various needs of each family member such as clothing, food, accommodation, transport, sense of belongings, emotional support and so on. The Chinese have had traditional moral and ethical values and spirits in their family culture. Nowadays, the family structure in Hong Kong has changed from that of a large extended family to one with core family members only, and in turn the family support network has become vulnerable. Our family and child welfare services provide support to individuals and families in need, aiming at building a strong family bond.