Lifesaving Training Incentive Programme for Ethnic Minority Youths


Have you ever dreamt of turning your passion into a career?  The Home Affairs Department (HAD) has always been supportive in building the personal development of ethnic minority youths in our community.  In 2018, HAD first launched the Lifesaving Training Incentive Programme for Ethnic Minority Youths to provide them with training to acquire the Lifesaving Bronze Medallion.  When Mr. Singh Sukhwinder, who loves swimming a lot, heard about the programme through one of the HAD’s eight support service centres for ethnic minorities, he applied to it right away and went through all the trainings.  A year later in 2019, he continued his journey to become a qualified lifeguard by participating in the Pool Lifeguard Award Training Course.  After completing the intensive training, Sukhwinder and 17 other ethnic minority youngsters successfully obtained the Pool Lifeguard Award!  Shortly afterward, Sukhwinder joined the Leisure and Cultural Services Department as a seasonal lifeguard for the 2020 swimming season.    Check out Sukhwinder’s story of turning his love for swimming into his career here!